by Clara Sofia
Shaman & Soul Healer


My spiritual path is a search for freedom through personal development.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Clara Sofia. Very young I wondered about the human condition and my inner well-being. This quest has been at the center of my life's web that I am still weaving today. A quest for truth that motivated me to study in the highest academic circles in order to understand our world and know how I can contribute to it in a positive way. With a master's degree in International Relations and a MBA in Marketing & Communication Strategies, I became a specialist in Public Relations and Brand Development, skills that I have put to the service of advertising and branding agencies at the start of my career, followed by the Art and Music Industry and then in Well-Being and Ecology, to today create my own communication agency.

Originally Celtic from France and Amazigh from Kabylia, I grew up in Switzerland and traveled around the world since I was a baby. This must be the reason why I developed a passion for cultures and traditions very early on. This interest became obvious during a trip to Bali, Indonesia when I was 15. Enchanted by the mystism that reigned on this island, I wanted to become a Buddhist. So I read books and started meditation when I was 20.

At 26, life led me, after a few years of psychology to treat anorexia, to shamanism. There I found the key to my freedom, because learning is fast if you are ready to see. So I experienced my first shamanic ceremony with Ibowga from Gabon, then I continued my healing journey with Reiki and sacred geometry, coupled with learning through plants of power such as Ayahuesca.

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A few years later, I organized ceremonies with shamans from Colombia and Peru as well as festivals and wellness workshops in my position as Marketing Director for an Eco Hotel in Berlin. Then I traveled to Colombia where I was initiated into the ancestral wisdoms mainly from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta with Mamo Lorenzo Izquierdo of the Arhuacos people, also founder of the "Terunna Fundacion". Initiated by these wise men and woman, on my return to Europe, I continued this work with Anjuna Saran Magdalena, creator of Soullightbeing, to free myself even more deeply.

Aware of the beneficial contribution of these spiritual healings to my well-being, I decided to train myself to share these tools with those like me who feel the need to grow in the light. This call also led me to the creation of this platform: Le Salon des Alchimistes.


The meditations that I offer are powerful tools because we can free our intergenerational memories, the memories of the collective, the memories of our souls and many other blockages, while reconnecting with our self. This allows us to move forward in our life, to manifest our dreams in matter, with much less resistance. Our mind keeps its place and our heart becomes the first actor in our life. So we realize ourselves by allowing the upliftment of our soul.


Here are the services I offer you as well as the prices:


I offer energy healing sessions in the form of guided meditation, with remote healing hands, and take you to the highest realms of love and light. I propose you connect with your higher self in order to align your path with your heart and the essence of your being. Sessions may include reading of the Akasha Records (Soul Path Book) and receiving messages from your guides. With each treatment, your soul frees itself from old patterns to make room for its growth.

The result is an energetic cleansing, the healing of the wounds of the soul that manifest on the emotional and physical level, with the ancestors, sacred femininity, the inner child and finally of your karma. My healing sessions aim to remove blockages and bring unconditional love, causing an immediate transformation. The more ready you are to receive, the deeper the healing. 

We have one physical body and four energy bodies: emotional, ethereal, spiritual and mental. The physical body is the last to be reached to tell us that there is something to look at. It is our soul that speaks to us through pains and illnesses, repetitive situations, toxic relationships or unstable emotional states that we encounter in our lives. Sometimes these are behaviors or reactions that we have but feel that they don't belong to us.


When healing takes place at the level of the ethereal body, we act on all bodies and the healed physique, the emotions stabilize and the mind calms down to give way to the voice of the heart. To work on self-development, to listen to your soul, is to prevent emotional or physical pain and it is to open the way to abundance and miracles. It is a path that requires responsibility.


The healing I offer is a liberation for the soul, so that it can best express itself in your life and guide you on the path to joy and your personal fulfillment. The treatments make it possible to be lighter and to vibrate at a higher frequency, which makes our life easier because we no longer repeat the patterns of the past.

The session can include instruments such as drums, Tibetan bowls, Egyptian sistrum, chants and light language.

90 min - 70 Euro

Exchanges are possible if you have financial difficulties


All treatments can be done face-to-face or online.


Cleaning up karmic and intergenerational memories

Helps to heal genealogical and karmic links. These can manifest as repetitive situations in life or relationships in which there is the same type of problem involved, blockages, emotional instability, pain and physical problems, illnesses. Our mission on earth is to free ourselves from our toxic patterns and relationships. Thus we free our family and loved ones and open the way to our true personal fulfillment.

90 min - 70 Euro


Pave the way for a new beginning, let go of the past and surrender to the emptiness of life with confidence. Ideal after a relationship or professional breakdown.

90 min - 70 Euro


Re-connection with her uterus and the strength that resides there. Ideal after childbirth, miscarriage or any other event related to the uterus. The uterus is for the woman like a brain which connects her with her creative force and her intuition. In ancient traditions, wise women knew that their womb was the center of their creative power at all levels.

90 min - 70 Euro



Healing for cleaning energy centers in depth and to be center with oneself. Can be done in nature, see the Naturessence treatment.

 40 min - Eur 30.-


Guidance and reading of the Chronicles of the Akasha to gain clarity on a situation in one's own life. It can only be done for oneself and for the purpose of healing.


Guidance can be part of individual care depending on the healing needs of the topic being dealt with.

60 min Eur 50.-

Reconnection to oneself with nature. 

Let go of the mind and find yourself with a light heart and aligned with yourself. The treatment is done with the support of nature and its elements: earth, fire, air, water and ether. You will learn to listen to the whisper of nature to find yourself in good shape and clear of mind. It is the ether, the fusion of all these elements that allows this transmutation. Every being comes from the earth and strengthening this connection allows us to anchor ourselves in life, to be focused on our goals and to feel free.

In group or individual  90 min - 70 Euro




I would like to thank Clara for giving me a long-distance treatment at a time of uncertainty in my life.

Her ability to connect with our soul and our path, brings a precious light.

In addition, Clara was able to cleanse my chakras in a very efficient way, which gave me a saving impulse.

I highly recommend her treatments, even from a distance. 


During the treatment I was able to regain the space of peace and inner calm that I had lost for months. My body was relaxed and open, my head was calm and my heart joyful. Thank you Clara for being this channel of DIVINE light.


Clara gave me a distance treatment that was very gentle.

I felt hours later a delicate veil of healing very subtle operate. And also, like a confidence in life and a reduction of control but again ultra fine and sharp, which still acts now in combination with other things in beautiful symbiosis


I was touched by Clara's benevolence. She helped me with discretion through a telephone healing. An adventure that was of deep help to me for which I am very grateful.

I recommend that you come with an open mind and heart, you will be surprised what can happen to you...


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