Mochila Arhuaca "El camino"

Mochila Arhuaca "El camino"

Mochilas are handmade weaved bags, traditionally made by the tribes of Colombia. Here we present the work of the indigenous people from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the heart of the World. They are 4 tribes, the Koguis, the Arhuacos, the Wiwas and the Kankuamos. They are part of the most ancient civilisation named Tayrona and the most preserved culture. The woman are the ones who wave, it is their medicine, with while weaving they do offerings in the form of thought to the spirits of nature.

The wisdom of these sacred mountains is focused on the ability to center the thoughts and their power of creation. The men use the coca leaves and the poporo along with ambil (tobacco cream) to balance feminine and masculine energies and connect to the womb of the universe. The woman do the same with weaving the Mochila that represents the womb of the universe and the woman. Each Mochila has geometrical forms that are symbols of life. They are all unique.

Each bag is made with prayers to the spirits of nature and to their cosmology. It is a form of meditation to connect with the universe, Mother Nature and the ancestors while giving back to the spirits with offerings in the form of thoughts. It is said that the people from the Tayrona civilization are, with their spiritual work, supporting the Earth with balancing energies. They are guardian of the Earth.

Mochilas are for men and woman and they all are made with natural material. The Koguis use natural cotton and natural colors to tint the Mochila in Maguay (fique) and the Arhuacos use mainly the wool and the fique. They plant the seeds, dry the plant, tint if it is fique, spin with a spindle and weave. Each Mochila is work of days to months. With buying a Mochila, you support an ancestral tradition to allow it to live longer and you support directly the woman of the tribes.


    The mochilas are handmade, weaved with wool in the Arhuaca tradition. 100% organic & vegan.