Wayuu Pochettes

Wayuu Pochettes

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Here we present the work of the indigenous people from the Guarija, the desert of the Caribbean next to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Panama and Venezuela.

The Wayuu people are descendants of the Inca. This tribe is divided in clan who have names of animals such as tiger, snake, tutle ... For them the most important element is the sun that is named Kai. The piatchi is the name given to the medicine woman of the clan. Only the woman are shaman and they work with the ancestors and the meaning of the birds. They do offerings to the ancestors and this is called contra gunu.

The ancestral tradition of weaving is a spiritual way to connuect with the Sun, the birds, the ancestors and the spirits of Nature. This connection is represented on the mochilas on which the birds, the flowers and rancheros where they live are represented. With buying a Mochila, you support an ancestral tradition to allow it to live longer and you support directly the woman of the tribes.



    The purses are handmade, weaved with cotton in the Wayuu tradition.


    Your purchase can be returned and you get your money back, for this the item needs to be in perfect state. The post costs are at your charge.


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