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The Grail: Healing the sacred feminine and masculine 

The Grail is the fusion of our being with the Divine, which offers us healing, abundance and joy in all circumstances. 

The quest for the Grail activates passions and creates legends with multiple interpretations. I will share with you my experiences of the quest for the Grail, the one I know because I lived it through my travels and initiations. The Grail can be achieved by a perfect harmony between the masculine aspect and the feminine aspect in oneself. From this Sacred Union, we touch the Christ consciousness, we drink the divine cup, filled with the liquid from the source. In this state of grace, we are in our strength and in perfect harmony with all that surrounds us. Although often projected at the level of the couple, the sacred union begins in oneself. It is the balance between male and female aspects in each that opens the way to the Grail. Acceptance of all its facets, beautiful and less beautiful, allows acceptance of all aspects of the other. This process often generates healing of the soul, the karma and the ancestors and this ascension can be done alone or with a companion of life.
Our relationship with our father and with our mother are direct indicators of the quality of how we vibrate and whether we still have work to do to harmonise our relationships. The more we transmute the negative aspects, the more we vibrate at a higher frequency and the closer we will come to the Grail: we are at peace and serenity, free and light, to fly in the sandstone of the wind of abundance.

During the workshops, I suggest that we work on healing the masculine and feminine in each of us and then receive the Grail, the codes of sacred union. To do this, we will travel together into the highest dimensions of love and light to release the memories that keep us from being in our full potential. This work will be done in the form of guided meditation during which I will share with you live what I see and feel. The first two workshops are devoted to the healing of the feminine and the masculine. The third will be the consecration of the two previous workshops to receive the Grail frequency while healing the inner child. During the meditations you may receive activations which are gifts from the divine to help you on your soul healing journey.

Each workshop consists of about 20 minutes of introduction, 1 hour of guided meditation and then sharing.
During the treatments, I use live visualization, the language and chants of light and the instruments and tools of ancient Egypt, the drum and Tibetan & cristal bowls depending of the call of the day. 

What you will receive
Healing of the masculine through our ancestors, the relationship to our father
Healing of the feminine through our ancestors, the relationship with our mother
Possibility of having more harmony in our relationships and with ourselves
Releasing our intergenerational memoriesFree the memories of our souls
Possibility of bringing more abundance into our life
Receive the Grail codes, codes of the Christic presence
You will be able to receive as much as you are willing to do the job with yourself.  

What you need for the workshops
An outfit in light tones.
You are welcome to put on your god and goddess outfit if you wish.
A notebook for writing
A candle
Paulo santo and / or sage and / or incense to your preference.
A rose quartz
You are welcome to create an altar in your home if you wish with your crystals and other sacred items.

workshop 1


90 min healing session
+ 30 min coaching & guidance call


90 min healing session
+ 30 min coaching & guidance call


90 min healing session
+ 30 min coaching & guidance call

workshop 2

workshop 2



For my part, everything is fine ... almost after the Grail Workshop on Friday 10 12 ... I started a work of physical elimination. Since then, The beneficial effect is "giant", glorious and happy ..... since much more lightness and energies .... and Joy ....

Finally, I vibrate much more in The Unity of my being (Male & Female balance), each day brings a much greater vision of Self .... A greater Peace is in my Being ... it's very clear ...

THANKS again to you Clara and to the Divines Presences during the 3 Workshops ... Infinite Gratitudes ... Christophe

This activation has been created for a workshop with Nicolas Turban from EveilHomme, here is the conference that presents the Grail workshop

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