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April 02 - 10 2023

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Immersion in the Kamëntsá indigenous culture, ancestral wisdom & sacred art from the Valley of Sibundoy, the door of the Amazon Rainforest

Ancestral Wisdom - Amazonian Plant Treatments - Ayahuasca - Sacred Art & Music - Meditation & Shamanic Travels - Walks in nature 


I invite you to travel with me at the door of the Amazon Rainforest, in the sacred valley of Sibundoy, to receive healing from the heart of the forest. The guardians of this indigenous territory are the Kamëntsá, and the Inga tribes and it is in the Maloka - Ceremony House - of Taita Juan Mutumbajoy from the Kamëntsá people that we will stay and receive the ancestral wisdom of the Amazon Rainforest for 10 days. 


Around the fire we will gather, share and receive private consultation from Taita (the title given to the traditional doctor who can serve the Ayahuasca or Yagé after minimum 25 years of service to his master in weekly ceremonies - Yagé is the name given to Ayahuasca in Colombia). Following this consultation, you will receive a specific treatment with Amazonian plants from the botanic garden of Taita, beside 3 Ayahuesca ceremonies. On the physical level, the treatment includes healing of the organs and the respiratory, circulatory, nervous and digestive systems. You will receive different plant-based drinks to purify the systems, ancestral massages, osteopathy and a harmonisation in a bed of flowers and plants from the garden of Taita.


Your intention is like a seed, and it will grow with you all along the journey and beyond, may it be related to the physical, spiritual or emotional bodies. What do you want to improve in your life? Your relationships, your health and body condition, your life … Ayahuasca is a spirit merging with your soul, acting like a scanner showing you what is good for you and what is toxic for you, in all levels of your life and opening the path of love. It can be shown to you in visions or as insights. Taita Mutumbajoy and his team are caring, and the healing process is soft. There is a lot of beauty and elegance in their work.


For the Kamëntsá people, art and music have an important place. It is a way to bring spirit into matter. All along the journey, we will meet Kamëntsá artists and visit special places such as Gerardo Chazoy, wood carving master specialised in traditional masks representing the culture of Yagé & expert in musicology inspired from the Amazon Rainforest; Mamita Pastora, medicine woman, mastress in the art of traditional weaving and chakiras; Benach Art Gallery, specialised in visionary art & local indigenous culture; and we will visit the painted murals all around the village of Sibundoy, representing the art of Yagé and the wood carving statues explaining the history and spirituality of Kamëntsá people.  We will be guided all along this day for an immersion in their culture and customs, their mythology and history.


To complete this travel to the source, we will have a walk to the wells of water and bath in the hot springs to commune with nature and receive the healing of the water element. 

Every day, I will offer multidimensional guided meditation and shamanic journeys to support your process with high vibrational healing frequencies from source. 

We will share our experience and emotions at the fire to commune and grow together as one consciousness. The Earth, the plants, the trees, the humans, the divine, WE ARE ONE.


The retreat will be in Spanish and English with the possibility to have translation in French too.

Sibundoy is humid and fresh, so it is not hot there.


Made with love for you and the Earth,

Clara Sofia 


Clara Sofia
Taita Juan Mutumbajoy


Mama Pastora
Weawing artist & medicine woman
Gerardo Chazoy
Wood carving & musicology
Benach Art Gallery
Visionary Art
Retreats: About


The places were you stay are part of the experience.
During the retreat, you will  stay at the Healing House of Taita Mumtumbajoy named Ayen Bienestar, in pure nature. There are rooms for one person or couples with double beds and with private bathroom or shared bathroom. And there is one "cabana" a bit further in the forest, with a room with a double bed, a kitchen and a private jacuzzi for an immersive experience in the jungle.



The program is an immersion into the Kamentsa culture, merging traditional sacred art & music and power plants from the Amazon Rainforest. Therefore the retreat is rythmed by plant treatments and Ayahuasca ceremonies and the discovery of art & craft from the Kamentsa people.
You will receive plant treatments that will meet the outcome of your consultation with Taita, ancestral ostheopathy & massages, a bed of flowers to harmonise your energy and detox, besite 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies.
You will attend a concert playing the sound of the Amazon Rainforest, receive a blessing from a medicine-abuela and visit the place where she does traditional weaving and chakiras, and visit an art gallery specialised in representation of Ayahuasca cosmology in art.
The retreat is also an immersion in nature,  with the relation to plants that you will drink but also collect by yourself in the forest, the hike to the hot-springs where you will receive healing from the water element and where you will stay, in the ceremony House surrounded by nature.
During the whole trip you will have food and transportation.

Day 1 / April 02 Arrival

Arrival in Pasto and pick up from the airport 11 pm
Arrival in Ayen and lunch 1 pm
Welcoming circle 3 pm
Private consultations 
Dinner at 7 p.m.

Day 2 / April 03

Meditation with Clara Sofia at 7 am
Breakfast at 8 am
Gastric purification 9 am
Lunch 1 pm
Ayahuasca Ceremony 8 pm

Day 3 / April 04

Breakfast at 8 a.m.
Sweetening and harmonization with plants and flowers 9 am
Lunch 1 pm
Sweetening and harmonization with plants and flowers
Sharing Circle 5.30 pm
Cena 7 pm

Day 4 / April 05

Breakfast at 8 am
Meditation with Clara Sofia 10 am
Lunch 1 pm
Gerardo Chazoy Concert 3 pm
Ayahuasca Ceremony 8 pm

Day 5 / April 06

Breakfast 8 am
Sharing Circle with Taita 9 am
Visit of Taita Juan's botanic garden 11 am
Lunch 1 pm
Meditation 4 pm
Dinner 7 pm

Day 6 / April 07

Breakfast 7 am
Walk to the hot springs* 8 am
Dinner 7 pm

Day 7 / April 08

Meditation 7 am
Breakfast 8 am
Mama Pastora 10 am
Lunch 1 pm
Ayahuasca Ceremony 8 pm

Day 8 / April 09

Breakfast 8 am
Sharing Circle with Taita 10 am
Lunch at Benache Art Gallery 1 pm
Walk in the murals
Closing circle  8 pm

Day 9 / April 10 Departure
Breakfast 8 am
Departure to the airport

* The thermal waters of Salado are located in the mountain of the Balsayaco path next to the Putumayo River. The path through the mountain is divided into three spaces, the first is along a cement path until it climbs, then on a plain with a natural floor and finally the descent to the hot springs through the roots of the ancient trees in the area. In this area you can see thermal waterfalls, the temperature of the water allows you to live the experience of cooking potatoes and eggs. It should be clarified that in the same place there is the passage of a stream with cold water that allows regulating the temperature of the water. In addition, there is a view of the great Putumayo River.

If you wish to extend your stay, we are happy to put you in touch with our partners who can help you organize your trip.

Retreats: About Us


The capacity of the retreat is 12 participants.


8 nights in a private room with shared bathroom

Early Bird price until 02.02.2023

EUR 1'111.- for one person

From 03.02.2023

EUR 1'222.- for one person

Early Bird price until 02.02.2023

EUR 888.- by persons for two persons, only for couples

From 03.02.2023

EUR 999.- by persons for two persons, only for couples


9 nights in a private room with private bathroom.

Early Bird price until 02.02.2023

EUR 1'222.- for one person

From 03.02.2023

EUR 1'333.- for one person

Early Bird price until 02.02.2023

EUR 999.-by persons for two persons, only for couples

From 03.02.2023

EUR 1'111.- by persons for two persons, only for couples


9 nights in a private cabana.

Early Bird price until 02.02.2023

EUR 1'444.- for one person

From 03.02.2023

EUR 1'555.- for one person

Early Bird price until 02.02.2023

EUR 1'222.-by persons for two persons, only for couples

From 03.02.2023

EUR 1'333.- by persons for two persons, only for couples

The price includes

The prices include all teachings, healing, plant treatments, ceremonies, 3 meals a day, local private transport, accommodation, pick up at the airport.

The price does not include

Flights, personal purchases or extra treatments.

Corona Situation

Please check with your embassy the conditions to enter Colombia.

Terms & Conditions

By booking you agree to the terms and conditions below.

In the event is cancelled by us, your deposit will be refunded in full or in part if we have to cover costs.

If you have questions, please contact Clara Sofia.

If you are interested in joining us, please fill the form below.

Registration Form

Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in our retreat. We come back to you very soon!

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