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Avec Zoraida Restrepo Orjuela, sage-femme traditionnelle de Colombie (1).jpg

With Zoraida Restrepo Orjuela,

mid-wife from Colombia
supported by Fabienne Gaitte & Clara Sofia

May 28: Andernos les Bains Workshop "Blood of the Goddess"

June 3-4: Retreat in Bugarach "Women's Hearts"

As humans, we are guardians of the Earth. Taking care of our body is at the origin of this vigilance. As daughters and sons of Mother Earth, we are called to care for the Earth and care for our own territory, which is a reflection of the health of the Earth. During this course, we will learn to recognize our own territories and our power to transform the world through ourselves.


Through the recognition of our matrix, our stories and the power of our sacred lagoon, we recognize our infinite creative possibilities. Hence the importance of healing transgenerational and karmic memories that are imprinted in our womb. During this workshop and this course, we will heal our matrix with techniques of ancestral knowledge.


We are in a time when water sources are drying up and the Earth is asking us to take care of our blood and fluids. The blood is the vehicle in which circulates the spirit of the Creator Father and the Divine Mother. Fluids represent communication with ourselves and our environment.

So we are going to purify our inner waters and leave the negative to be able to be fluid to accomplish our mission on Earth; to be able to inhabit ourselves in honesty and be the beings that we are meant to be. We are going to remove the blockages in our path, remove this negative so that the waters can take their place, for the repressed waters in the body express themselves in diseases and to sow the seeds we must prepare the ground and clear all that block.

Once the waters of the body are purified, we can nourish with our intentions, put positive and plant our seeds on a fertile ground. Because it is in the womb that we can take our strength and manifest our dreams. Through our cyclical wisdom, we can recreate the world and materialize our projects.


To give continuity to these practices and to be able to accompany us and awaken in us this knowledge and so that the territory is more and more alive, the idea of ​​this workshop and this internship is to create a working group. During the internship, you will acquire practical knowledge that you can directly use to take care of yourself and help each other among women.


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"Blood of the Goddess" Workshop

May 28 from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Pentecost is the day when the Holy Spirit awakens to the apostles. For us, it will be the reading of our blood, the vehicle of the spirit that keeps the memories of our ancestors. The reading of our 4 bloods allows us to understand who we are and how we evolve in the world.


10 a.m.-1 p.m. Dance & womb meditation

Uterine respiration to travel to the origin of our fertilization.


1-2 p.m. Shared lunch


2 p.m.-6 p.m. Reading of the four bloods

Our birth, the first menstruation, the first sexual intercourse and childbirth are the four bloods and explain who we are and our relationship with the world.

Retreat "Women’s Hearts"


June 3 from 10 a.m. - 12 a.m.


Womb Dance & Meditation

Uterine respiration to travel to the origin of our fertilization.


Traditional Plant Stories

The stories will punctuate the different stages of the course.


Uterus massage

Learn to locate our uterus and massage it.


Massage of the 13 joints

Generate fluid movement and remove blockages in the 13 joints of the body so that our relationships are better articulated.


Purge to empty our temple

With the help of plants such as cotton, ayu and tobacco, we will empty our uterus of the negative memories of our childhood.


Full Moon Circle

Songs and stories of ancestral traditions.


June 4 from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.


Meditation & shamanic journey with Clara

Harmonization of energy bodies and connection with your etheric womb.


Nourishing cataplasm

With food from the earth such as seeds, cocoa, spices we will nourish our house and thank the earth for our fertility.


The 4 moons

Internal cyclic wisdom and connection with the natural cycle of the universe where all the possibilities of creation are found.


Sweat lodge with Fabienne

The sweat lodge or Inipi ceremony is a Native American ritual of rebirth, healing and re-connection to Source, Mother Earth and our womb.


Les Baruteaux, located between Bezu and Bugarach in the upper Aude valley, is a magnificent place of preserved and wild life, conducive to spiritual retreats and pure dependence with Nature, guarded by conscious and respectful inhabitants of this place. precious.



Workshop: 55 Euro for the day + picnic in Auberge Espagnole

Stage: 222 Euro for the weekend + bed (10 Euro per night) + food

Workshop + internship: 250 Euro



Workshop and/or internship with Clara on Whatsup or Telegram +33 66 999 89 37

Or for the Internship only with Fabienne on Telegram + 33 6 95 48 35 88


To do through the booking page

Reservation for the retreat with a deposit of Eur 111.-

Reservation for the workshop with payment of Eur 55.-​​

Terms & Conditions

By booking you agree to the terms and conditions below.

In the event is cancelled by us, your deposit will be refunded in full or in part if we have to cover costs.


If you have questions, please contact Clara Sofia.



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