Reciprocity is a key value for us. The balance in all relations. Therefore we give back to the native communities who are at the source of the knowledge and we fairly share benefits between all participants.


With booking our retreat, you support native cultures to spread their message to the world and continue their tradition. Between 5-20% of the benefit of the retreat is kept to build a project to support indigenous communities.





We are currently looking for donations. We are planing a research travel in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in 2020 in order to organise the retreat “Back to the Origin” on the land of the Tayrona people, the holders of the ancestral wisdom of that project. We are now organizing “Back to the Origin” Berlin with Mamo Lorenzo and Anjuna Saran and we plan to bring that retreat to its original land. It will be the first time that such sacred place is opening to strangers. With the situation of the planet, it became important that we receive the teachings and remember our origin.


During our research travel, we will look for the place where to host our retreat but also define clearly our responsibility project with the native communities of this territory. We would like to support an ancestral school created by Mamo Ramon Gil from the Wiwa community up in the mountains of Guachaca. We also want to look for land as we plan to create a Wellness Center in the ancestral tradition of the Tayrona people.


With the retreat in this sacred land, we support native communities and we help the participants heal and remember their own ancestral knowledge to become a guardian of the New Earth.


To support us, please have a look at our donation page.


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