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Reciprocity is a key value for us. The balance in all relations. Therefore we give back to the native communities who are at the source of the knowledge and we create projects in which everybody win.


With booking our retreat, you support native cultures to spread their message to the world and continue their tradition. 10% of the benefit of each retreat is kept to finance a project to support indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.




To support the tribal artists from Colombia, we have decided to sell their art through our online shop. After a minutious selection of partners, we are happy to open our Tribal Art Shop! We present the sacred bags named Mochila from the Wayuu, Kogui, Arhuacos and Wiwa tribes. In jewelery, we have unique pieces of Chakiras - bracelets of protection - and Womb made in macrame with stones for woman to connect with their feminity and strengthen their intuition. All products have spirits for the creation of a culture based on the heart.













Our friend SagaJosefa, spinning the wool for weaving the mochilas