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With Clara Sofia 
& special guests 
Eleanor O'Hanlon & Steven Pope

August 4-6 Bugarach France

The lion's essence is your connection with your heart and your force of manifestation, expressing the voice of your soul, in consciousness with your multidimensional nature earth sky.

For this time of opening of the Lion's Gate, I invite you to raise awareness of your union with your divine essence to bring out your strength to manifest the truth of your heart. In connection with the elements and the territory of the Cathars, the sweetness and resilience of Marie-Magdalena, facing the magic mountain of Bugarach and its power of alignment, we will come together to go into our hearts and receive the energies of the star Sirius which aligns with the earth, the belt of Orion and the sun in Leo, to receive the vibration of the heart of the lion. Thus you will receive the messages of your soul and your true being in order to see clearly the right manifestation for your path.
We will go to the sacred sites of this land imprinted with the memories of the Essenes, in connection with the guardians of Earth and Heaven, to open your wings to your highest vision of life. In the vibration of your divinity, you will find the keys to your sovereignty, purified from interferences and healed from the wounds of the past. Fears will be transcended to make way for the truth. To simply be, to be in your heart, to be your primal nature, to be your divine essence, to be multidimensional and to live fully.

This retreat is guided by Clara Sofia Medicine Woman and creator of the Salon des Alchimistes, platform uniting ancestral knowledges. Clara Sofia guides retreats and cacao ceremonies between Europe and Colombia and co-creates with the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
For this retreat in Bugarach, we will have 2 special guests, Eleanor O'Hanlon, author and guardian of the spirit of lions & Steven Pope, author, teacher and guardian of the sacred texts of the Kabbalah. They will share with us their experience in Africa among the first Kalahari peoples who initiated them to come into contact with free lions in the wild. Eleanor will share this experience with us so that we embrace the multidimensional nature of the lion.
Steven will share with us a sacred Kabbalah text: “The Lion Spirit of Universal Love” from the Song of Songs book. These texts allow us to connect to the source through the vibration they carry.

Looking forward to meeting you for a strong moment of sharing, awakening and healing,
Clara Sofia

Clara Sofia


Eleanor O'Hanlon & Steven Pope

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August 4 from 6 pm - 11 pm


6 pm Arrival

7 pm Welcoming Circle

8 pm Dinner 

9 pm Ritual

coming from the people from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Koguis, Arhuacos, Wiwas)


August 5 from 8 am - 11 pm

8 pm Guided Meditation & Mouvement

9 pm Breakfast

10 pm Departure for an offering and cleansing at the river

1 pm Lunch

2 pm Sharing Circle

3 pm Visit of the sacred site of the Guardian of the Earth

8 pm Cacao Ceremony & Extatic Dance

This evening we will not have a meal because to integrate the cacao medicine it is better to be with an empty stomach. I therefore suggest that you eat well at noon and take healthy snacks such as fresh and dried fruit, nuts... to snack on if you are ever hungry.


August 6 from 8 am - 3 pm

8 pm Guided Meditation & Mouvement

9 pm Breakfast

10 pm The Lion's Spirit by Stephen Pope & Eleanor 

1 pm Lunch

2 pm Sharing Circle

3 pm Departure of the Retreat Center

and bath at the Bugarach Lake and visit of Rennes-le-Château (optionnal)

For those who wish, there will be the Lion's Gate Cacao Ceremony which will take place on 08.08 around Bugarach in another location.


The Lattenhouse is located between Bezu and Bugarach in the upper Aude valley, is a magnificent old house in the preserved and wild life, conducive to spiritual retreats.



Retreats: 330 Euro for the weekend - 310 Euro for the members

Eur 170.- fee & Eur 160.- for 2 nights and 5 vegan meals

Take with you for offerings, tobacco, small (or large) crystals, stones, fresh or dried flowers, feathers and your sacred objects for the altar.


With Clara on Whatsup or Telegram +33 66 999 89 37 or by e-mail.


To do through the booking page

Reservation for the retreat with a deposit of Eur 150.-

Terms & Conditions

By booking you agree to the terms and conditions below.

In the event is cancelled by us, your deposit will be refunded in full.


If you have questions, please contact Clara Sofia.

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