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Director & Founder of Le Salon des Alchimistes

I am the founding spirit of Le Salon des Alchimistes. The idea came to me during my life quest to find a way to have a positive impact on society. I received the answer to develop a network of light in 2011. At that time, I was Public Relations Agent in the Art field and created the multidisciplinary events "salon der alchemisten" in India and Berlin. Indeed successful, I was missing the initial motto. The key found me as I get offered a marketing position for a Ecohotel to promote consciousness. I organised Healing Festivals and yearly program of events in Healing Arts, Yoga & Meditation, Healthy Food & Shamanism until I received the message from Mother Aya to go to the Source. She guided me to Colombia where I met the people from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and a second Salon born. I am now partly based in Colombia, connecting to the worlds of Power Plant Medicines, Ancestral Knowledge, Permaculture and Eco-design, I bridge the worlds for the New Earth to arise.


Healing Artist & Founder of Soul Light Being

I invite you to connect with your Soul and Higher Self in order see who you truly are, to live your spirituality fully in every moment of your beautiful life, to walk with me as your guiding angel towards the light.


I am here to support and guide you in as an energetic and spiritual healer, mindfulness-coach, holistic yoga teacher, and artist. My healing work is a personal healing art that evolved over many years. It is a combination of healing meditations, healing hands, rituals, prayers, chanting, dance, and yoga. I work with white shamanic energies, Christus energies, the divine mother, archangels, crystals.



Ancestral Wisdom from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia

Ancestral Wisdom from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia

Mamo Lorenzo Seuny Izquierdo born in the mountains of Valledupar in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia. Spiritual leader for his community, he has been named Summumpawiun (Messenger of the Gods of Earth) at the square of "Maruneywiun".

In 2008, Mamo Lorenzo received the mission to look after the navel of the Earth’s matrix which is located in Bacata - Bogota D.C., (Cundinamarca), Colombia. Since then, he began to build the Great Kunkurwa (Temple), for Man and Woman, for the new human generation, without exception of races and colours, to unite. Each and every one of us are natives of the Earth. This work is expanding to the unification of all the peoples of America and the World. 

With his wisdoms, Mamo Lorenzo is traveling all around the world. In 1992,  he received the mission to empower the ethnicities of Colombia to help them to return to their path of spiritual medicine ("eysa'riunhawi"). Since 2010, he is part of the Kiva, a ceremony that unifies the original peoples of the planet in Mexico, Chile, Austria and the Netherlands. In Germany, he has been invited to the Congress Infomed in Münich in 2016. He is part of the Council of the Wises of America and is invited to do retreats in Chile with the Mapuche people and in Colombia.


Ancestral Wisdom from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia

Josefa is Wiwa medicine woman, the name is saga in the culture of the Tayrona people. She knows ancetral massages, osteopathy and spiritual healing. Josefa is member of the family of the famous Mamo Ramon Gil and before all a beautiful humble heart. Here she is spinning the wool to weave mochilas.

Mochilas are handmade weaved bags, traditionally made by the indigenous people from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The woman are the ones who wave, it is their medicine, while weaving they do offerings in the form of thought to the spirits of nature.


It is said that the people from the Tayrona civilization are, with their spiritual work, supporting the Earth with balancing energies. They are guardian of the Earth.


Tribal art from the Wayuu from the desert of La Guarija

Yuri and her family are our favorite artists for the Wayuu Art. Yuri comes from the clan of the tigers and is completely dedicated to weaving. It is her fonction in her tribe.

The Wayuu people are descendants of the Inca. This tribe is divided in clan who have names of animals such as tiger, snake, turtle ... For them the most important element is the sun that is named Kai. The piatchi is the name given to the medicine woman of the clan. Only the women are shaman and they work with the ancestors and the meaning of the birds. They do offerings to the ancestors and this is called contra gunu.

The ancestral tradition of weaving is a spiritual way to connect with the Sun, the birds, the ancestors and the spirits of Nature. This connection is represented on the mochilas on which the birds, the flowers and rancheros where they live are represented.


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