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The healers we work together with.



Director of Le Salon des Alchimistes

The Salon des Alchimistes was born from my encounters throughout all of my travels.
Alchemist is an ancient word that refers to the transformation of base metals into gold, an analogy to the transformation of oneself. With the Alchemist my idea is to link different ancestral cultures which are the source of precious support on our journey of transformation and re-connection with our origins and ourselves.


Le Salon des Alchimistes is a platform that facilitates exchange and sharing for those who wish to experience these transmissions. A knowledge that was originally passed from family to family and which was in the service of the whole community. Today this knowledge is getting lost, cut off in the history of lives and generations. Le Salon des Alchimistes reweaves these links to recreate this sharing for anyone in search of knowledge and freedom.

I offer you creations with extraordinary speakers and therapists, far from classic encounters. Anchored in their heritage and in the traditions of their civilisation, these wise men and woman will be able to bring you wonderful mind openings: travels to the source.

I know personally all the beings presented below.

More info about my profile on the Healing page



Mamo Lorenzo Seuny Izquierdo born in the mountains of Valledupar in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia. Spiritual leader for his community, he has been named Summumpawiun (Messenger of the Gods of Earth) at the square of "Maruneywiun".

In 2008, Mamo Lorenzo received the mission to look after the navel of the Earth’s matrix which is located in Bacata - Bogota D.C., (Cundinamarca), Colombia. Since then, he began to build the Great Kunkurwa (Temple), for Man and Woman, for the new human generation, without exception of races and colours, to unite. Each and every one of us are natives of the Earth. This work is expanding to the unification of all the peoples of America and the World. 

With his wisdoms, Mamo Lorenzo is traveling all around the world. In 1992,  he received the mission to empower the ethnicities of Colombia to help them to return to their path of spiritual medicine ("eysa'riunhawi"). Since 2010, he is part of the Kiva, a ceremony that unifies the original peoples of the planet in Mexico, Chile, Austria and the Netherlands. In Germany, he has been invited to the Congress Infomed in Münich in 2016. He is part of the Council of the Wises of America and is invited to do retreats in Chile with the Mapuche people and in Colombia.


Traditional doctor from the Kamentsa Tradition, Sibundoy Colombia

Taita Miguel Angel Mutumbajoy Juajivoy pertenece a la comunidad Camentsà de Sibundoy Putumayo en el sur de Colombia: nací en el territorio biocultural ancestral, en un sitio llamado Tamabioy, es una reserva indígena. Mi padre es Miguel Mutumbajoy y mi madre Salvadora Juajivoy. Mi padre es un reconocido Taita de la comunidad de Camentsà, conocedor de la medicina ancestral. Estoy en este camino, en esta raíz, desde niño. Aprendí mucho sobre la medicina de mi padre pero también de otros Taitas que estaban conmigo. El yagé es el más fuerte para nosotros pero también recibí el conocimiento de curación a través de plantas medicinales.

Poco a poco voy aprendiendo de los mayores, de los ancestros del yagé, siguiendo la línea de mi padre. He estado liderando ceremonias y sirviendo yagé desde 2014. Antes todavía no era aprendiz así que me alineé para estar listo para servir el remedio. Cada día es una experiencia de aprendizaje y aprendemos al servicio de la medicina para enseñar y dar más luz y claridad a la humanidad, más allá de mi propia comunidad. La intención es la sanación de todos y la protección de nuestro territorio, la Amazonia, el pulmón de la Tierra.


Ancestral Wisdom from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia



Ayahuesca "yahé" master from the Cofan tradition

Taita Humberto Díaz grew up in the Cofán reserve « Jardines de Sucumbíos », training with the eldest grandfather Taita Querubín Queta for more than 25 years. Accompanying his teacher through the different communities and cities of the country, he learned about the science of yagé until he established his outlet in the Chiga Manda healing center, municipality of Villagarzón - Putumayo. Applying the teachings of his grandparents with faith and discipline, Taita Humberto offers his medicine and his songs to those who come to visit them in search of healing and spiritual peace.

Source text: Ayahuesca Putumayo our beautiful partner in this travel to the source.



Ancestral Wisdom from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia, Wiwa tradition

Josefa is Wiwa medicine woman, the name is saga in the culture of the Tayrona people. She knows ancetral massages, osteopathy and spiritual healing. Josefa is member of the family of the famous Mamo Ramon Gil and before all a beautiful humble heart. Here she is spinning the wool to weave mochilas.

Mochilas are handmade weaved bags, traditionally made by the indigenous people from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The woman are the ones who wave, it is their medicine, while weaving they do offerings in the form of thought to the spirits of nature.


It is said that the people from the Tayrona civilization are, with their spiritual work, supporting the Earth with balancing energies. They are guardian of the Earth.



Mid-wife from Colombia, ancestral wisdom of the Womb

Zoraida was born in Bogota, the capital of Colombia in 1985. She grew up in a family with different Colombian cultural roots. From her mother and grandmother, she received treatments with plants and traditional massages. She lived 7 years in Paris to study cinema at university where she discovered the world and people through their stories. Then she returns to Colombia, meets her partner, has her first child and lives in the jungle of Dariene where she studies the plants of the territory. After her first child, she began Doula training and accompanied families. For her second child, she will live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta where she continues her studies as a traditional midwife, accompanies women, learns ancestral wisdom from this territory and works with intercultural families.

After having had the experience of giving birth alone with her companion at home, her path is to accompany families and births, her job is to safeguard and that the new people who arrive can make their way in life. Importance of taking care of the territory and supporting women in their decisions.

After having had the experience of giving birth alone with her companion at home, her path is to accompany families and births, so that new people who arrive on Earth can make their way in life. Her job is to remind people of the importance of taking care of the territory and supporting women in their decisions.



Writer, teacher & traveler

Eleanor O'Hanlon teaches connectedness with the spirit of nature: the path to awakening the inner and spiritual dimension of our relationships with animals and the natural world.

"I had the great privilege of encountering many animals up close in their natural domain - whales, lions, wolves, bears, wild horses, elephants and many more. When I encountered the depths in a whale's gaze, fire in a lion's eyes, when I stood in front of the massive family of African elephants that had deliberately come our way, I knew I I was in the presence of beings whose depth of consciousness far exceeded anything I had learned about them before.

Their presence filled me with wonder and appreciation and made me realize much more deeply what it means to awaken as a human being: present to the immense intelligence of the living planet, such that it radiates in its splendor within the unity of all Being. From this awakening, we can truly hear and respond to the burning call of this time to love, protect and accompany all life.”

Network: Our Team


Writer & Teacher of the Kabbalah

Stephen Pope BD MA brings out the essence of Kabbalah teachings in a simple and straightforward way. It features fresh translations of biblical texts that completely free them from the distortions caused by centuries of patriarchal mistranslation, misogyny, and hierarchical thinking.


"The teachings of Kabbalah tell us that all of existence is the manifestation of the One Consciousness, which expresses itself through the unfolding of the Great Beauty of diverse life, in multiple dimensions. Creation does not is not a past event: it is always present in us, here and now. When we release our mind from the grip of compulsive thinking, we consciously receive this outpouring of creative Life from Source. This is the deeper meaning of Kabbalah, which comes from the Hebrew root meaning to receive.”

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