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January 6 2024

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A ceremony to be the Queen and the King of your New Year

A Space to Open and Receive
the Creativity, Inspiration and Vitality that Heaven Gifts us for the Coming Year.

With Hebraic Letters, Cacao Ceremony, First Nations Teachings & Rituals


On these special days, announcing the end of the 12 Nights, when the veil between the dimensions is fine, and our power of intention is multiplied, we invite you to connect to your heart to receive the gifts of heaven, and the true guidance from your soul, to formulate your wishes for the New Year.
Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas, marks the time when we receive these gifts of Heaven for the year ahead. Traditionally they are brought to us by beings who come guided by the light of stars - carrying gold, the symbol of the Divine Light within the heart, with frankincense and myrhh, the inspiration and the creativity of the Spirit. Spirit, soul and the physical body are represented by these three Kings, the three Wise Men, who bring us the true sovereignity of soul, spirit and body.

With the ceremony of the lighting of the Menorah, we honour the re-birth of the Divine Light in our Heart, the frequency that resonates the vibration of the Divine masculine, represented by father Sun. The sun physically creates the Gold and this is connected to the spirit of the cacao and the Mayan tradition. The spirit of the cacao is made of gold and the gold is the sun and the sun is the Christ energy and the Mayan were connected to that quality of Gold. The Mayan were using the cacao to pray and as the highest value in their economic exchanges. Cacao opens the heart to connect to your own inner master and find clarity for your true desires for the new year. To be sovereign and master: your own queen and king.

The gifts that come from Heaven are personal, intended for each one of us. This ceremony is a precious opportunity to contemplate our inner aspirations and intentions for the year ahead, and align them with the Light of Heaven and the grace of the Divine Masculine, the Christ Consciousness & the Divine Feminine, represented by Lilith and Mary Magdalene.
With these sacred ceremonies, with teachings from these Divine figures, and openings to fresh energy through connecting with nature and the body, we plant our new seeds of creativity and inspiration into the field of the Heart for the coming year.
In lighting the Menorah, which represents the entire, multi-dimensional Tree of Life, we receive illumination through our whole being. The sacred cacao ceremony spreads this warmth and radiance from the centre of the heart. And with simple energy practices to begin each day, and nature walks in the wild gorges of the Viaur river, we renew our vitality through the natural flows of abundant life.

We look forward to meet you there, with all our love,

Stephen, Clara & Eleanor

The retreat will be in French & English on request.

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Stephen Pope
Clara Sofia
Eleanor O'Hanlon


A traditional stone house, close to Najac and the Viaur river gorges. The house has been lovingly restored, comfortable, warm and welcoming, with a private bathroom for each bedroom, and the extensive garden offers beautiful views from the terraces. 





6 pm arrival

7 pm Opening circle

8 pm Dinner

9 pm Lightening the Menorah 




8 pm Yoga grounding

9 pm Breakfast

10 pm Teachings with the Hebraic Letters 

12 pm Pique Nique Lunch

2 pm Conscious walk in nature 

5 pm Sharing the Epiphany cake

Moment of stillness, writing

7 pm Cacao Ceremony 



8 pm Yoga grounding 

9 pm Breakfast

10 pm Techings with Hebraic Letters

12 pm Lunch

2 pm Offerings to the guardians of nature 

4 pm Closing circle

5 pm Depature

The capacity of the retreat is 6 participants.

Registrations until January 2nd 2024

Eur 400.- by person

50 Euro discount for the first 2 bookings.

The price includes

The prices include all teachings, healing, plant treatments, ceremonies, 3 meals a day, accommodation.

The price does not include

Flights, personal purchases or extra treatments.

Payment Plan

​A deposit of EUR 200.- is asked to book your place.

The totality of the amount of the retreat has to be paid at the latest January 5th.

Corona Situation

Please check with your embassy the conditions to enter France.

Terms & Conditions

By booking you agree to the terms and conditions below.

In the event is cancelled by us, your deposit will be refunded in full or in part if we have to cover costs.​

If you are interested in joining us and for any questions, please contact Clara Sofia.

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