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With the wish to gather all the beautiful souls I have met since I offer my medicine and with the vision to weave a network of light uplifting our frequency and simultaneously supporting Mother Earth, I am glad to invite you to meet online and receive Christal Light Healing during the alignment of the 11.11. 


The 11.11 provides us with a powerful energy for manifestation and therefore, it is the opportunity to clear your physical & energy bodies to see, as an evidence, the direction of your next steps. This insight is coming from the heart as it is the door of the soul. When you listen to your intuition in consciousness, you manifest your destiny, as you hear the voice of your soul. Then your path unfolds with ease and grace, like the river flowing around the obstacles and dissolving them to unite with the ocean. The bigger picture unfolds in front of you in connection with Source and your own divine essence, healing what needs to be healed to go ahead.


During this meditation, your energy will be cleared and your chakras recalibrated. We will unite our hearts in relation with the heart of Mother Earth and the Cristal Grid around her. The pulsation of your heart will whisper you your truth through your breath, becoming clearer and deeper, until the knowledge occurs from your own divinity.

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