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Cacao is a medicine that was used by the Mayas. The Mayans drank cacao in order to connect with the Divine. They worshiped the sun which they called Kristos, in reference to the vibration of unconditional love with which they worked. Used in a sacred way, cacao is a medicinal plant that opens the door to its divine essence. Cacao opens the heart and allows you to anchor yourself in the Earth. The heart is the point of connection with our soul and the center of expression of love. The heart allows union.

The entlightening of memories helps us to feel, think, speak and act more accurately and to bond in joy and acceptance. This allows us to make choices more aligned with our soul path and this contributes to more abundance and happiness.


The ceremony consists of the sharing of cacao in a collective healing in connection with the sacred plant and the source. The healing consists of a recalibration of the energy centers and the activation of your own light codes.

The cacao that is offered comes from the Sacred Land of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. For the first peoples who inhabit this territory: the Koguis, Arhuacos, Wiwas and Kankuamas, it is the heart of the world. The cacao is organic and consciously grown.

During the ceremony, I use the shamanic drum, the Tibetan and crystal bowls, the Egyptian sistrum as well as the language and the songs of light. With this cacao ceremony, you will be in a cocoon of gentle healing so that your heart shines like a sun.


The treatments I offer are powerful tools because we can release our intergenerational memories, collective memories, soul memories and many other blockages, while reconnecting to our self. This allows us to move forward in our lives, to manifest our dreams in matter, with much less resistance. Our mind keeps its place and our heart becomes the first actor in our life. Thus we realize ourselves by allowing the elevation of our soul.

With love,
Clara Sofia

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