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Cacao is a medicine that was used by the Mayas. The Mayans drank cacao in order to connect with the Divine. They worshiped the sun which they called Kristos, in reference to the vibration of unconditional love with which they worked. Used in a sacred way, cacao is a medicinal plant that opens the door to its divine essence. Cacao opens the heart and allows you to anchor yourself in the Earth. The heart is the point of connection with our soul and the center of expression of love. The heart allows union.

The entlightening of memories helps us to feel, think, speak and act more accurately and to bond in joy and acceptance. This allows us to make choices more aligned with our soul path and this contributes to more abundance and happiness.


The ceremony consists of the sharing of cacao in a collective healing in connection with the sacred plant and the source. The healing consists of a recalibration of the energy centers and the activation of your own light codes.

The cacao that is offered comes from the Sacred Land of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. For the first peoples who inhabit this territory: the Koguis, Arhuacos, Wiwas and Kankuamas, it is the heart of the world. The cacao is organic and consciously grown.

During the ceremony, I use the shamanic drum, the Tibetan and crystal bowls, the Egyptian sistrum as well as the language and the songs of light. With this cacao ceremony, you will be in a cocoon of gentle healing so that your heart shines like a sun.


The treatments I offer are powerful tools because we can release our intergenerational memories, collective memories, soul memories and many other blockages, while reconnecting to our self. This allows us to move forward in our lives, to manifest our dreams in matter, with much less resistance. Our mind keeps its place and our heart becomes the first actor in our life. Thus we realize ourselves by allowing the elevation of our soul.

With love,
Clara Sofia

Next Ceremonies

22.06 Sougraine

20.07 Lacanau
31.08 Bugarach


A ceremony to be the Sun of Your Life

A Space to receive Clarity, Close and Open the New Cycle

With Cacao Ceremony, Fire Ritual, Ecstatic Dance,

First Nations Teachings & Rituals

22.06 Sougraine, Patio du Buddha Patio, start 2 pm

With Clara Sofia, Samjhana & Eric 

Let's celebrate the sun, let's celebrate ourselves! Let us magnify this universal Christ frequency that radiates in each of us! A ceremony to make your inner sun shine and open your new cycle with clarity and lightness for this summer!

The sun is the one that unites us all around the earth! Since the dawn of time, original peoples around the world have honored the sun, the giver of life. A source of vital energy, this golden star is also a source of Christic energy, this frequency of unconditional love which transcends time and space and which was incarnated by Yeshua and transported by Mary Magdalene. In the ancient texts of the semantic people, Mary Magdalene is the one who brings Christ consciousness to humanity. It is she who leads the dance of creation and who gives birth to the divine sun.

When I was in Putumayo at the gateway to the Amazon, I listened to the traditional songs in sacred plant ceremonies of the Kamentsa and Inga people and I often heard in these sacred songs that honor life with beautiful words “Mi Dios - My God ". And at one point I understood and I asked my Taita - traditional doctor - My God in your songs, is it the sun? And he tells me yes, and then I ask him, is the sun the Christ frequency for you too? And he answers me yes...

For this solstice ceremony, we combine the ancestral wisdom of the Amazon, the Andes and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia with the ritual of cocoa and fire, in unity with the Lakota ceremony of Chanupa and then we open the door to movement and dance, an offering to Mother Earth linked to all traditions. 
The solstice is the passage into a new cycle of the medicine wheel and this day which celebrates light, with the shortest night before entering a phase of descending light, has been celebrated since the dawn of time by all root peoples. around the world. These people who hold the keys to living in harmony with the Earth and ultra-powerful healing technologies.

Let us commune together with the medicine of the heart which carries the gold frequency of Kristo and the vibration of the Ikaros to harmonize your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Give thanks and let go of the old cycle to begin the new in gratitude. Feel the messages from your heart and envision your summer, lightly! Cocoa is gold, gold is the sun and the sun is the Christ vibration. Chanupa opens the door to the divine light of the great mystery. Fire transmutes the old to open the new cycle.
Then we end with ecstatic dance, to release your body and let the movement lead the dance of your life for this rebirth. In accordance with your heart, your soul, to make the unique being that you are shine, like a sun. We are the children of this solar star and with its force we co-create life.

The ceremony is followed by a shared meal for those who wish.

Energy exchange 
We offer 3 price categories depending on your possibilities and your desire, we support each other:

Inti Eur 35.- // Ra Eur 45.- // Hélios Eur 55.-

Reservation with 
Clara Sofia 066 999 89 37
Samjhana +44 7749 543469

We look forward to meet you there, with all our love,

Clara Sofia, Samjhana & Eric

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