Summer events in the Bassin d'Arcachon

A ride on an electric  boat during which we close the eyes to surrender to the water in ourselves and on the Earth. Our body is made of 80% of water. In the ancestral wisdom, the lagoon represents the belly of Mother Earth. We will naviguate on this element in order to clarify our internal waters in connexion with Nature. Like the water that goes around obstacles, we flow in our life, inspired by the strength of this element and in reciprocity with the Earth that nourrish and carry us. A mindful meditation for ourselves and our environment to free our internal beauty.


Next Meditation to be announced soon.

Let’s meditate together and send energy to the people from the Amazon to empower them.

It has been proved that in countries in war, meditation groups are decreasing the level of violence. We want to use this force of our minds and hearts to support the indigenous tribes that are threatened to loose their habitat and ancestral knowledge by the current gouvernment. A soft and powerful way to do something for the indigenous and the lungs of the earth. Let’s peacefully strive for human rights and for our right to enjoy a safe and healthy planet. Let’s meditate for human evolution and not devolution. Join us for a 30 minute meditation, every time with a different guide. So we can co-create this space together.

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