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“Le Salon des Alchimistes” is a network of light whose purpose is the expansion of humankind’s consciousness. Therefore, we work closely with the indigenous cultures of Colombia and organise retreats, travels and events sharing ancestral wisdom.


Our mission is to develop a bridge beween the old civilisations and the modern culture in order to participate in the new paradigm that is occuring. We believe that with remembering from where we come from and with merging that wisdom with our knowledge, we enlight a world with fresh structures. We co-create a place where we live in harmony with each other and the planet Earth, as we were, at the origin and what is called in our time: The New Earth.


Therefore, our main activity is to organise retreats and travels that link ancestral knowledge to contemporary spiritual healing. We facilitate cultural exchanges between the Old and the Modern Worlds for the New World to be shaped. For our retreats, we gather top practitioners to ensure safe individual healing on high light frequencies.


Our organisation develops a global network of physical and moral persons that share the same values and goal. Gathering members that unite around consciousness, the network is a Transformative Laboratory that works for the advancement of humankind in harmony with its environment.

Beside the retreats and in the same spirit, we present the art and medicines from the tribes and artists inspired by the consciousness of the New Earth.


With consciousness, we mean respect and inconditional love in all our relations and at first toward ourselves. This consciousness involves personal development in order to understand oneself to afterward extend the love to our environment. In all our relations, we also include nature and the earth. “When we hurt the Earth or another person or an animal, we hurt ourselves, we are One”.


To produce retreats and travels to the source, we may get in touch with indigenous cultures. All our events are created with respect in the values and traditional customs from these people and with the authorization from their authority. 


“Le Salon des Alchimistes” is an autonomous, independent organisation without any religious or political interests. “Le Salon des Alchimistes“ follows educative, cultural and ecological goals.

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