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Be Witched

A magical immersion



Pyla sur Mer

4:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.

55 euro


Cocoa Ceremony - Free Dance - Inlakesh Ritual - Live Kundalini Mantra - Ayurvedic Food - Shamanic Journey


Let yourself be transported by the vibrations of this multidimensional experience that will awaken all your senses. A celebration of peace in our hearts for this historic day of 11.11 which is also a stargate to align yourself with your purest being and manifest your wildest dreams, but true.


To do this, we have concocted an elixir of the most enchanting recipes. We will start with a cacao ceremony that comes from the sacred land of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. Used as traditional medicine, this beverage opens the heart and supports the harmonization and energetic healing of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and the alignment of the chakras so that everyone receives the activation of their own light codes.


Animated by the medicine of cacao, we then invite you for a free dance until ecstasy. Then you will enter the Inlakesh Ritual "I am another you", or eye to eye with another, you will discover yourself! Then we will slide in a circle to chant the Kundalini mantras to live music and join our voices in communion heart to heart. And to finalize this extraordinary gathering, we will share an Ayurvedic snack with sweet, spicy and seasonal flavors.



4:30 p.m. Welcome

5 p.m. Colombian Cacao Ceremony by Clara Sofia

6 p.m. Extatic Dance by Clara Sofia

7:30 p.m. Inlakesh Ritual by Sabine Chaloupy

8 p.m. Live Kundalini Mantras by Bénédicte Lacroze and Julien All

9 p.m. Ayurvedic snack by Pauline Toussaint


Magic potion in co-creation with:


Clara Sofia

Creator of the Salon des Alchimistes, organizer of Travels to the Source with the indigenous peoples of Colombia, circles of women, cacao ceremonies and collective and individual healing through the vibration of Kristo.


Sabine Chaloupy

Creator of D.Tox with Love, detox experience and initiatory retreats dedicated to returning to the source of life, Wutao dancer.


Benedicte Lacroze

Midwife, Yoga-Doula, midwife in the soul accompanies birth and rebirth through the breathing of the body, the vibration of mantras and by reconnecting to one's inner power.


Pauline Lakshmi

Masseuse with nimble fingers; Benevolent guide & Creator of friendly workshops towards a conscious and personalized diet and lifestyle, inspired by the philosophy of Ayurveda.


Julien Allafort

Musician, sorcerer of words and melody. Particularly fond of concocting songs with a touch of introspection, a pinch of conscious lyrics and a big handful of good sound vibrations.

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